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Judikay – Mudiana

Judikay, a Nigerian gospel singer and songwriter, has released her latest musical masterpiece, ‘Mudiana,’ commemorating the release of her much anticipated sophomore album, ‘FROM THIS HEART.’ This uplifting and spiritually enlightening song, set to be published in June 2022, is sure to capture the hearts of gospel music fans all around the world.

‘Mudiana’ is more than just a song; it is a moving testament to faith and commitment. Judikay’s continuous devotion to producing music that resonates intimately with her audience is reflected in this song, which she wrote and performed.

Judikay’s music has continuously struck a chord with fans of gospel and uplifting music as a major artist signed to the renowned Eezee Conceptz label. Her earlier recordings have received worldwide recognition and have helped to position her as one of Nigeria’s most popular gospel performers.

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‘Mudiana’ sets the tone for the next album ‘FROM THIS HEART,’ which promises to be a musical journey packed with soul-stirring tunes that explore themes of faith, love, and commitment. Judikay has the capacity to connect with people on a deep level with her powerful vocals and heartfelt lyrics.

The company behind this fascinating initiative, Eezee Conceptz, is well-known for its devotion to promoting gospel and inspirational music, and Judikay’s work exemplifies the label’s passion for elevating souls via music.

Judikay’s music is full of hope and inspiration, and ‘Mudiana’ is no exception. This song is destined to become a favorite among people seeking spiritual development and a closer relationship with their faith.

Listeners can locate ‘Mudiana’ on various streaming platforms and music retailers, and they should keep an eye out for the release of ‘FROM THIS HEART’. It’s an album that promises to uplift, inspire, and ignite a deeper sense of spirituality.

About Judikay

Judikay is a Nigerian gospel singer and composer noted for her uplifting and passionate music. Her work has been recognized for its capacity to touch listeners’ emotions and inspire faith and dedication.

About Eezee Conceptz

Eezee Conceptz is a well-known musical label in Nigeria that promotes gospel and inspirational music. The label is dedicated to lifting people’s spirits via the power of music.

Mudiana By Judikay Lyrics

Oh oh oh oh ohGod is for meGod is within meHe lifts meHe surrounds meHe surrounds me
If God be for meTell me what can stand against meWhat can stand against meWhat can separate me from, the very love of God(the very love of God)
Oh oh oh oh
If God be for meTell me who can stand against meWho can stand against meWhat can separate me from the very love of GodThe very love of God(the very love of God)
Nosa mudiana o iyeNosa mudiana eghideNosa mudia, oghi me mameIjesu no ma mweNosa mudiana o ehide
Nosa mudiana o iye (Nosa mudiana)Nosa mudiana ehide (Nosa mudia oghime)Nosa mudiana oNosa mudiana oNosa mudiana o eghide (eghide)
All my life, I’ve been carried by your favourAll my life, I’ve been nurtured by your handsThe hand wey hold me e strong(the hand wey cover me e strong)Nosa mudiana eh ehide
Nosa mudiana o iyeNosa mudiana ehideNosa mudiana oNosa mudiana oNosa mudiana o ehide
I put my trust in you(you you you)My lord, AbbaOnly you I knowOnly you I knowOnly you I know o
You are for meYou are for meYou are for meJESUS!
Ah nosa mudiana oE hi de



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