News: Apostle Johnson Suleiman presents Ema Onyx with a ten million naira gift

News Apostle Johnson Suleiman presents Ema Onyx with a ten million naira gift

News: Apostle Johnson Suleiman presents Ema Onyx with a ten million naira gift

Something absolutely unusual happened at the highly awaited 2023 edition of the yearly music performance produced by the renowned Abuja-based music minister, Emmanuel Prince Onyegbula, popularly known as Ema Onyx. Apostle Johnson Suleiman, the acclaimed General Overseer and founder of Omega Fire Ministries, performed a unique and wonderful gesture by giving the gifted vocalist a generous gift of ten million naira. Ema Onyx, known for his chart-topping hit song ‘You No Dey Use Me Play’ and its famous remix starring the late Osinachi Nwachukwu, has developed a deep and cordial friendship with the General Overseer, whom he lovingly calls the “restoration apostle.”

The famous Abuja Continental Hotel hosted this year’s edition of ‘The Atmosphere with Ema Onyx’ on a memorable Sunday, October 22, 2023. The event featured a superb roster of preachers, including the well-known Minister GUC, the legendary Chioma Jesus, the soul-stirring Agbani Horsfall, the melodic Victor Thompson, and several more notable performers. The unexpected appearance of Apostle Johnson Suleiman, who graced the event with his divine presence, contributed to the evening’s excitement and surprise.

Mr. Sunnypossible Unachi, the CEO of Naija Gospel Beats, who had the special distinction of witnessing this memorable ceremony, initially relayed the thrilling news of the ten million naira gift made to Ema Onyx. This amazing revelation, demonstrating Apostle Suleiman’s kindness, was then shared and applauded by Henry Samson of Unik Empire Media House, further spreading the joyful news.

According to Mr. Sunnypossible, this considerable money was presented to Ema Onyx to aid in the marketing of his highly anticipated new album, which was also unveiled at the concert. This generous contribution demonstrates Apostle Suleiman’s generosity and constant support for the great artist. This gift has had a significant impact on Ema Onyx’s musical path and career.

The revelation of this major gift sparked a flood of congratulatory comments for Ema Onyx, as well as deep gratitude for Apostle Suleiman’s generosity and encouragement. Discussions on this unusual act of kindness began to emerge on numerous social media platforms, mainly Facebook.

Geebest Godwin, a Facebook user, stressed the significance of more pastors and general overseers supporting artists and creatives in the church community. He also emphasized the current gap in media coverage, underlining that such acts of kindness frequently go unreported while crises involving religious people receive much too much attention. In support of Geebest’s viewpoint, Emakpor Patrick Oghenevbede, a Facebook user, pointed out the media’s tendency to remain mute on great news while getting into a frenzy over controversies involving religious figures.

Apostle Suleiman’s Benevolence: A Gift That Transcends Currency

Beyond the wonderful sum of ten million naira offered to Ema Onyx by Apostle Johnson Suleiman, it is critical to consider the significant significance of this gift. In a society dominated by money and transient celebrity, the General Overseer’s act of charity serves as a beacon of hope, a reminder that music’s power transcends currency. It exemplifies the symbiotic link that exists between artists and spiritual leaders, emphasizing the mutual inspiration and encouragement they bring to one another.

Apostle Suleiman’s donation represents more than just financial support; it represents his unshakable trust in gospel music’s potential as a force for good in the world. Supporting Ema Onyx’s musical journey represents a dedication to promoting the message of faith, love, and hope via the powerful medium of song.

Ema Onyx’s link with Apostle Suleiman exemplifies the ties created between the artistic and spiritual spheres. It emphasizes the role of artists as heavenly messengers charged with the mission of reaching hearts and inspiring change. This gift validates gospel musicians’ mission, underlining their place in the broader scheme of spirituality and mankind.

Ema Onyx: Rising Star of Gospel Music

Ema Onyx’s journey in gospel music exemplifies resilience, dedication, and the transformative power of faith. His meteoric climb to fame, marked by chart-topping hits and an ever-expanding fan following, demonstrates the power of his music. ‘You No Dey Use Me Play,’ the song that launched him to fame, is a spiritual anthem that has struck a chord with audiences all around the world.

The inclusion of the late Osinachi Nwachukwu in the song’s remix provided emotional depth and a touching tribute to her enduring legacy. Her beautiful and angelic vocals added a soulful and angelic touch to the music, making it even more fascinating and memorable. The song’s success and global appeal demonstrate the power of teamwork as well as the eternal character of gospel music.

As we think about this unexpected change of events, it is clear that Ema Onyx’s music career is about to take an extraordinary and hopeful turn. The wonderful donation of ten million naira from Apostle Johnson Suleiman surely marks a watershed moment in Ema Onyx’s artistic journey. This huge contribution will not only boost his career but will also help the success of his much-anticipated new record. As passionate gospel music fans, we excitedly await the release of Ema Onyx’s new album and look forward to the amazing work he has in store for us in the near future.


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