12 midnight: Strange things that happens which you don’t know.


After 11:59 pm,the next minute that completes it is more than a minute. Midnight is the most deadly time of existence. It is a boundary between life and death, light and darkness to contend for who to possess the day.

I will briefly explain some things that happens by 12 midnight which you don’t know. Check them out below:

The strange happenings of the darkest hour:

# At midnight the battle line had been drawn to contend for the sustainess of many things.

# it is an hour of great judgement when forces of light and darkness determines and struggles for what will happen in the day.

# it is a time total ruin, when forces of darkness take opportunities and advantage of the weakness of man(sleep) and therefore strikes.

# it’s an hour of death and life. Midnight coagulates life and death. If you will see the light of the new day,your midnight will tell such.

# people’s lives are been taken spiritually while they lay helpless in the physical,the reaction comes later in the day.

# it’s an hour of the great world beyond. It is a time when the earth has successfully made a revolution of 24 hours, thereby ushering us into the new day. Nevertheless,as the new day is coming close and closer,the spiritual realm makes assignments, deal and decisions.

# whom to attack? Where to attack? How to attack? This is a basic manipulation of the underneath world.

# That’s is a sensitive time when children of God makes decrees for the day, proportionally assigning angels to handle their day.

# it’s a time of battle when the children of light contends with the powers of darkness. As the witches gathers in their covens,the children of God arises to pray and command every arrows back to the senders.

# it creates a division between the physical and the spiritual.

# A time of manifestation when all kinds of spirit arises from their sources, seeking for whom to possess in order to accomplish their task for the day.

# it is also a time when the God breaks some chains, limitations and embargo by giving his children Revelations and dreams of freedom.

# it is a time if duty for everything beyond human sight.

Many more strange things exist by 12 midnight. But like I narrated above,it will be brief.

Take to the comment section below to err your views and opinions, suggestions and questions. Tell us more things you think that happens by midnight. Also share to others,we all suppose to know these so that we can dominate our day. Like and share. Also follow for more inspiring and insightful articles.

#midnight the deadline.



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