MUSIC: Kanye West’s JESUS IS KING Album is out finally

Finally, it has been released against all odds and amidst all speculations that Kanye’s JIK album will be shelved like some other projects put on hold or shelved by the rapper. On Friday (Oct. 25) at noon ET, Kanye West dropped his ninth solo studio album, a gospel album “JESUS IS KING”.

After missing his previous release date in September, he has met up to expected fans, giving them the long awaited album.

The album comes on the heels of another announcement, that the rapper will be releasing another album, his Sunday Service-inspired Jesus Is Born, on Christmas Day.

This new album deliver a whole new Kanye West in faith-filled, curse-free and positive music. The rapper still holds up his strong stand on some political issues as you will find listening to the album, but that is part of what makes JESUS IS KING thick and a must listen.

Check out Jesus Is King below.

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