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Anointed Worshiper, Songwriter and Pastor, Tutu Sofowora has finally released her first single for the year titled “Beautiful Jesus”, a heartfelt worship piece.

“Beautiful Jesus” is a song which expresses the awesomeness of Jesus,  His magnificent beauty and an heartfelt cry for Him to reveal Himself at a time in our lives when the hope of many are failing.

It is a song that would captivate you and draw you into the presence of God and leaves you with desire to stay there.



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Lyrics of Beautiful Jesus


Beautiful Jesus

How awesome is Your name

Creator of heaven

You are a wonder to my soul

The reason I live, is to worship You oh King

Oh oh Beautiful Jesus

I magnify Your name



I worship You oh God

I bless Your name

Beautiful Jesus

How marvellous are you

So full of splendour

Majesty I ascribe

To Your name

Beautiful Jesus

How glorious you are


How glorious you are (echo)

How beautiful you are (echo)

How wonderful you are (echo)


Jesus, display your glory

Jesus, display your wonder

Jesus, we need your healing word

We need your healing touch

We need your healing hand

We need your comfort now

Jesus, we need now


All eyes look to you now

Would you come and make our world beautiful again

Jesus, we need you now.

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