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Gospel Minister and songwriter, Jessica David releases another brand new song titled – Chukwu Ebube

Chukwu Ebube is a song of praise to the Most high for his awesomeness of mighty works. The Lord has done great things, He goes about doing good, healing the sick and all that was oppressed by the devil.

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Song Lyrics

Chukwu ebube muoooh

Chioma mu ooh oooo

Chukwu ebube muoooh

Onyeoma mu ooo

Chukwu ebube muoooh

Chiomamooo,chukwu ebube mu ooo onyeoma

(ADDLIPS)chioma  aaah


chukwu ebube muooh,

Ebube muooh

Chukwu ebube muooh


I call HIM Chukwu ebube


chukwu ebube muooh……

 my miracle worker,

only you are  G-o-d, G-o-d

received  my praise,

 I salute your excellency,

( baba oooh (2×)

always  doing  wonders

Unquestionably  fire,

fearful in praises,

ebube moooh

Kadi kam ga esi koo akuko eluebubegi,

chukwueee (2×) oooooh,


onye mgbaputa uwa,

working about doing good,

( ina-akpahari n’ emenma ee oooh)

ebube moooh,

rock of defence

to you be glory forever,

I salute you excellent baba oooh,

glory and the lifter of my head,

righteous judge…

chukwu ebubemooh,

no one like you,

no one  is like  you….chukwu eeeh

(I na-akpahari n’emenma aa)


The testimony about my Jesus  my mouth  can not tell it all


chukwu ebube muooh


the beauty of Jesus  has made my life to shine


chukwu ebube moooh)


And in the midst of all my storms He has been my comforter

In the day (Hammm )

In the night (hoooooh)

Now i know  that joy comes  in the morning

In the day (Hammm )

In the night (hoooooh)

For the joy of  the lord  is my strength

(Repeat) chorus)

Chukwu ebube,

I bu chukwu ebube eee

We lift your name higher,

I bless your holy name

My prince of peace you

are the lord

The lifter of my head

(Kadi kam ga esi kuu oluebube gi oooh )



 chukwu ebube moooh


Always doing  wonders

receive all the glory,

receive all honour,

(chukwu ebube moooh)(2×)

My thanks  unto you,

onyeoma eeeh

(chukwu eeh)(3×)

chukwu ebube wonder

working God is your  name oooh

I bu chukwu  ebube eeh

Wonder working Jehovah

Chukwu ebube moooh

The End

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