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Donzizi is a Christian hip hop artiste, songwriter, music producer and sound engineer. He has produced several artists behind the scenes but decided to put out his own work in 2020. He is a medical doctor and a public health expert who has touched lives both physically and spiritually. REIGN is Donzizi’s gratitude song to God for preserving him through a difficult period in his life and elevating him to greater glory. The song features the super talented producer, MX of Kodeblack on the hook, and was produced and engineered by Donzizi himself at Allnaijabeats Studios. This song glorifies the power of God over all other forces in the universe and explores deeper themes around the inevitability of sacrifice.

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Oooh….said you reign over all

Donzizi, MX of Kodeblack


Said I’ve heard of the bad and good

And I hear all the things them do

Said I’ve heard of the rich and poor

And I hear of the strong and mighty

But you reign over all

Said you reign over all,


Verse one

How many words can I take back

How many things that I did that were wrong, can’t erase that, I’ve been so blessed from way back, (way back), …can’t imagine how I can, ever pay back,

On a journey, to a bigger level, (incredible), won’t stop, till I win the gold medal, (gold medal), …life gets hard, I fight harder, they push me far, I go further,

If I never say it, they never know

Last year, was this close to death’s door, how could I be so close and not go, how did I deserve a new episode,

If not the king where would I be, without the light how could I see, he’s got the force of tsunamis, I see the reason this is why he, deserves the praise and the worship, he is God, the almighty,


Verse two

Mirror…..on the wall

greatest….of them all

Endless kaleidoscope, indescribable

Phenomenal, always incredible

What more can I say to adore him, it goes on and on and no stopping, like the rain the blessings keep pouring, lift him up from night until morning

Give me a reason why I shouldn’t praise him, why I, shouldn’t be feeling so exhilarating, well I, deserve the best and be celebrating, and be like zoooom!…accelerating,



You reign x7 (cos you reign) you reign over all,

You reign x7 (you’re the king) you reign over all,

You reign x7 (number one) you reign over all,

You reign x4, you reign over all


Donzizi, MX of Kodeblack




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