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Gospel Artists and anointed Worship Leader, Dumbari releases a new song titled Obariwanenu (Lord thank You) as he celebrates his birthday.

Speaking about the song in his own words, he said :

I understand that the price that was paid for my freedom was the blood of a God,the sacrifice of my salvation was the life of a Deity, the life I now live is divine and  supernatural; I live every day saying Lord thank You.

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Lyric: Obariwanenu     (Lord thank You)  by DumBari.


Only you deserve the praise, Oh Lord

Only you deserve the the glory, Oh Lord

When everybody gave up on me

You were there for me


Lord thank you 4x

Verse 2

Now tell me what my God can’t do

Hard things are way too small for him to do

Tell me what my God can’t do

Hard things are way too small for him to do

(Repeat Chorus)


Call: You bled and died that I may live

You became poor that I will be rich

Response: Jesus thank You

Call: You ascended into glory, that’s why I live in glory

Response: Jesus thank Youou

Repeat verse 2


Lord thank you 4x

Obariwanenu (Lord thank You)4x

Bari Oyaage(God thank You)4x

Chineke nnam imela(My God thank You) oh 4x

Olorun eseun(Lord thank You) oh4x


See how you beautified me

You have blessed my  life

See how you glorified me

You have turned my life for good.

Thank You Jesus!

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