Download music: Jire Oghene by Robinson Freeman

Jire Oghene mean Praise God. Thanksgiving song, a song that perfectly express our inner most heartfelt gratitude to God, especially when we are lost for words to explain how grateful we are to God.
A language, mostly spoken by Isoko people of Delta state. The song is also mixed with Urhobo dialect as well as English language. Now available on all digital platforms.
Download song Below;


Aiyeh yeh yeh yeh…
Jire, jire o meh re jire o Oghene meh
(Response) jire o,jire o meh re jire Oghene 2x
For all that you’ve done I worship you,
You gave everything my everything, I worship you you…
I say the victory of Jesus, it’s my authority retrieved,
Greater is he that’s is in me than he that is in the World o o
He turn things around…give he gave the crown I no kon dey frown…
Ma ye ro weh Baba..
If not for you Uuh
wetin I for do oO
Chioma ne me mu Mma, always dey rescue oo
Verse 2
He take over my load He carry am on His shoulder
He no dey give me load… carry me dey go wherever you want me to go..
Just dey show me love
God that answer by fire, he answer me from place of THUNDER, who can battle my MAKER,. YESHUA in you I dey conquer…
Weri nughe oo wayare o
Verse 3
Midey sey koyonvbe
Mida noko kevbe(2x)
(Responses) kevbe, yovbe (2x)
Na who me I be that you so mindful of me o, always showing love.. carry me dey wherever you want me to go…just dey show me love…
Then it fades out

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