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FoJesus Records starts off the New Year and decade with the long-anticipated song of PRAISE, PRAYER AND DELIVERANCE by Johnlord ft STOMusic titled “ORUKO JESU”
I declare this song will set you loose from all your bondages. Listen, Share and Subscribe!John D. Oluwasanmi also known as John lord is an international Gospel Rapper/Hip Hop and Afro pop Artist, Songwriter, Composer, Record Producer, and Director. He is a spirit-filled and an anointed minister. Although John lord is a US-based recording artist, he is from the Western part of Africa, Nigeria. He is also the CEO of Fo’Jesus Records and his ministry in songs and preaching the gospel has blessed people in so many ways and do not hesitate to Listen, Share and Subscribe!The was produced by STO Music, Visual by Oluyinka Davids for Ifocus Pictures


Watch video Below:
Copyrighted Lyrics (translated version):
Si kiyesi
Ati fun wa ni Oruko kan
Eyi to ju gbogbo oruko lo
Pe l’oruko Jesu
Ni ki gbogbo ekun ma woleChorus:
Oruko Jesu ni o
Oruko Jesu ni O lagbara
Oruko Jesu ni o
Oruko Jesu ni O me ru sa
Oruko Jesu ni o
Oruko Jesu ni o o o
Oruko Jesu ni
Oruko Jesu ni o
Esu gbo ohun Re o sa
Ota gbo ohun Re o sa
O so yes Sir
The name above every name
Name of Jesus
At the mention of His name
Every knee must bowV1
Oruko Jesu yi dun ju
O ti po to oti popo ju
Oruko to le oso wogbo
To le aje wole
To le iwin lo s’aginju
Oruko to ji oku dide
To tu ide to tun ja ide
Tin ba paro ko bi Babalola
Abi ko bi woli mi Hezekiah
Nothing you need wey no dey His name
Dat na why I go keep on proclaim
Salvation sure deliverance sure
As long as you confess Jesus name
Oruko Jesu lo mo ri mi wu
Oruko Jesu lo mu nu mi dun
So fun oluawo, ko wa towo
Ko ma ba se ku si nu idewo

Tan ba n le e lo ju orun
Mase foya ko pe Jesu
Nibiti Jesu wa ewu ko si
Eru kosi ibi kosi
Bere lowo peteru ni Acts
To foruko Jesu se wonder
Authority has been given to us
To cast out demons in the name of Jesus
Emi esu kuro larami
Ibanuje kuro lara mi
Ase’eri fitinati
In Jesus name comot for my body
For He gave us power and authority
To cast out demons and cure diseases
To preach the kingdom of God and heal the sick

Oya pe Call the name
Put on your praise no dey wait
Jesu ti kore da sile
Mutire ko ma lo la sile
O korede ire wole
Alafia aikubale oro de
O korede ire wole
Alafia aikubale oro de

Wo b’oruko Oluwa se dun to
The name of Jesus
The name of Jesus
B’oruko Oluwa se dun to

The End

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