Download music: YOUR PRESENCE by Stelz Praise

Stelz praise, Abuja based Gospel music artiste from Enugu, Nigeria is out with her another single YOUR PRESENCE



One thing I asked the Lord, one thing that I desire, that I dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life.

Odi mma ibu nke Jesus
N’ime ya ka ndu di
Odi mma ibu nke Jesus
Udo ya zuru one
(Repeat by the choir)

N’ime ya ee, N’ime ya N’ime ya ka ndu di
Odi mma, Odi mma yeah yeah yeah, Udo ya, odi mma, Odi mma Odi mma Odi mma Odi mma ibu nke Jesus, N’ime ya ka ndu di, n’ime ya ka ndu di, aku n’uba ihe nweta di n’ime ya, nmanma gi zuru oke nmanma ya zuru oke, you are too faithful to fail, you are too faithful. So great and mighty, so wonderful Jesus, you alone never fail,never fail, odi mma ibu nke ya ee, N’ime ya N’ime ya
Odogwu n’ana di nwayi isi nmkpe. Otu onye anasi unu abiala Jesus, ogaraya ngadaga, ogaraya ngadaga, Mighty man of war, Ancient of the days, the lion of the tribe of Judah, the God that too faithful too fail too faithful too faithful too faithful..
Silver no gold and
No no no no no
I must give you as an inherence for my children Jesus because you are too beautiful to behold. Oh o oh o o

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