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Tijesuni Daini known as Minister T.I.J  returns with a Praise Medley titled Heaven Is The Goal. 

This song reminds us not to lose sight of the main goal, which is to have a relationship with God and to focus on the things above rather than the things on the earth, because the thing on this earth are temporary, whereas the things above are eternal.

Speaking about the song, Minister T.I.J stated that Our goal as Christians is to preach the gospel of Jesus so everyone can make heaven with us.




Lyrics: Heaven Is The Goal – Minister T.I.J

You are bigger than what people say
You are greater than words can explain
There is no one else like you
You reign in majesty

You are glorious in all of your ways
You moved mountains just for my sake
There is no one else like you
You reign in majesty

Jesus nah you be o

Oga patapata Nah you be o Oga

When the devil sees you he trembles in fear
Every kneel must bow down and tongue confess
Jesus nah my peace o i no dey fear
Since i was born, I’ve never seen him fail

Jesus nah you be o

Oga patapata Nah you be o Oga

You are God You are not just big o
You are not just large o, You are a Great God

You are Big, Large, Great
You are a Great God


No greater Love, than Jesus Love
No greater name, than Jesus name
I will pick my cross and follow him
I will run my race in Jesus name


Heaven is the goal, is the goal, is the gooooal

Salvation (Is the goal)
Holiness (Is the goal)
Soul winning (Is the goal)
Righteousness (Is the goal)


Do ti la mi so fa re
Dodo re mi, mi re
Dodo re mi, mi mi re

Hallelujah, when i think of what you’ve done for me, Hallelujah
We give you praise, when we think of what you’ve done for us
Heaven is the goal


About Artiste: 

Tijesuni Daini known as Minister T.I.J is a Minister of God, anointed singer, songwriter & Music Director. who has worked with Gospel artists like Samsong, Tomi Favoured, Dare David, Wole Oni, and other Gospel artistes.

His goal is to be a vessel through which God blesses humanity and through his music, ministers to the world in diverse ways.

His first single “All the praise” then after he released “You are” and “Testimony”, He took a break and focused on fellowshipping with God until now when God told him it is time to start releasing the sounds, he prays with all humility that the world will be blessed through these songs.


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