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MY IDENTITY by Adewale GP @adewale_gp
Adewale GP (God’s Purpose) is an anointed Gospel Rap Minister based in Nigeria, with his passion for the Great Commission of Christ and as a Kingdom Soldier, he reaches to several souls both far and near preaching the message (Gospel) of Jesus through his inspirational rap music among his other skills. Since his conversion in 2014, he has so far released a digital EP: (The Discovery_2016), which is available on his soundcloud account: (Adewale GP) and also an Underground Pre released Mixtape: (The Prelude_2019), though currently working on his major debut album: (The Warm Up!) which is scheduled for completion in 2020. As part of the Album’s Campaign, here is “My Identity” an Official Single off the Project. In case you have never met or heard GP’s songs, download and listen to “My Identity” featuring an anointed diva; Tolu Godwin. This is a Classic 90’s Hip Hop Gospel (Boom-Bap) Joint, for you to know who GP really is, especially in Christ. Shalom!



(Adewale GP Ft. Tolu Godwin)
Verse: 1 (Adewale GP)
My Foundation’s laid in da Rock of Ages/
My Lyrics leave Stretch Marks on Different Stages/
New Chapter I’m ‘bout to turn da Pages/
Who this Emcee bringin’ ‘bout da Changes?/
May – I, introduce myself to you/
Hey Guy! – tell us what you came to do/
To Speak – da, truth as much as Possible/
So – that, da peeps can get to know da Truth/
Just gettin’ started – I’m too Legit to Quit/
Lyrically Gifted – I got da Blueprint/
Don’t get it twisted – my God is my Source/
And he who He’s Blest – No One Can Curse/
Enlarging my Cream, Stay in Charge of my Dreams/
My Sixteens getting now to Hit da Big Screen/
I’m Not One of a Kind; No Similarity/
A New Creation in Christ; My Identity, (yeah!)
Chorus 1: (Tolu Godwin)
Biji banfe, torun hunran, tojo hunro,
(Despite the Storm, Shine and Rain…)
I know Who I am, I know My Identity,
I know Who I am, I know My Identity,
I Know Who I am, I Know My…
Verse: 2 (Adewale GP)
…Identity, My Destiny/
Courtesy da Master with da Majesty/
Honestly, I’m His Legacy../
God’s Own Original Masterpiece/
Da devil win some but, he just Lost One/
In this Cold World I rather be a God’s Son/
Da truth must be heard on every Mic I’m Blazing/
Lyrically, Spiritually, my Grace’s Amazing/
Real Hip Hop Definition is Me/
Grown Man Bars on da M – I – C/
In case you don’t know this is Gospel Hip Hop/
Coming from a Christian Rapper who doesn’t Flip Flop/
‘keep it comin like da Signs of da End Time…/
…da Voice for God’s Purpose in this very End Time/
I’m who God said I was, ‘Not an Entity/
The Light of God to da World; My Identity/ (yeah!)
Chorus 2: (Tolu Godwin)
Biji banfe, torun hunran, tojo hunro,
(Despite the Storm, Shine and Rain…),
I know Who I am, I know My Identity,
Biji banfe, I Know My Identity,
I Know Who I am, I Know My…
(oooo, I Know My Identity)_2x
(Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Soundcloud, Audiomack): adewale_gp


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