Nneny Williams – TRINITY

Nnenny Williams - Trinity

Nneny Williams – TRINITY

Nneny Williams, a multi-talented Nigerian gospel music singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur, has recently released a new song titled “Trinity.”

At its core, “Trinity” is a song that seeks to unpack the complex and multifaceted nature of God. The song does so by focusing on the three distinct persons that make up the Trinity – God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit – and exploring how they function together as a unified whole. For many Christians, the idea of the Trinity can be difficult to fully grasp, and “Trinity” serves as a powerful tool for helping believers better understand this essential aspect of their faith.

Throughout the song, she also touches on the idea of God as a “threefold cord,” a reference to the biblical passage in Ecclesiastes that speaks of how a cord made of three strands is stronger than a single strand alone.

As an entrepreneur and musician, Nneny Williams is a true force to be reckoned with in the Nigerian music industry. With “Trinity,” she has once again demonstrated her incredible talent and passion for creating meaningful, impactful music that speaks to the hearts and minds of listeners. Whether you are a devoted Christian seeking to deepen your understanding of the Trinity or simply a lover of great music, “Trinity” is a song that will surely move and inspire you.



! Oh God, oh God my God internal

! Oh God, oh Trinity.

! Oh God, oh God my God internal

! Oh God, oh Trinity.


I will praise name
I will praise his word
I will song your word
And sing your word Lord because you’re wonderful, oh Trinity  x 2

He cried, he wept, he shared his blood and died for my sins to set me from iniquity.


He has taken away my sins
Am no more in pain
No more borrow borrow again
No more wuru wuru again
Because am new in Christ Jesus
The Trinity. X2

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