Pastor Ifeoma Eze – Never Lost A Battle

Pastor Ifeoma Eze - Never Lost A Battle
New Music: Pastor Ifeoma Eze – Never Lost A Battle

Pastor Ifeoma Eze releases “Never Lost A Battle,” her powerful new music video.

The Song expresses a strong faith in God and His capacity to deliver from any trial or problem in life!

Your faith in Jesus, The One who has never lost a battle regardless of how much the enemy trembles, will grow as a result of listening to “Never Lost A Battle.”

She is thrilled to share this masterpiece with you and hopes that it will inspire you spiritually and awaken your faith so that you can see the invisible and accomplish the impossible!



Pastor Ifeoma Eze is an Abuja-based gospel singer and Songwriter, who writes and receives songs revelationally. She has not only used her voice and music to inspire but also to touch lives and manifest the presence of God.
Her love and passion for music started when she was young and grew over time.
In 2011, she dropped her first album ‘Phenomenon’ with 6 tracks followed by 11 tracks from an album done with the church choir (Zion Voices) titled ‘So Lifted’ in 2012. She also released 14 tracks in 2013 with an album titled ‘Koinonia’, she released yet another album titled ‘Behind the scenes’ containing 14 songs in 2016. In 2017, she released her all-time hit album “You are Powerful”- an album that will not only intrigue you but draw you closer to the creator.
2018 ushered in another incredible album, titled “Lifted For Life” It’s impossible not to love such an exciting album with 16 whole tracks!
In 2019, her music ministry overflowed greatly as she released two Albums simultaneously, the 7th Album was titled PIELIC (Pastor Ifeoma Eze Live in Concert), which was a product of a live recording Concert in 2018 and was unleashed with amazing songs from heaven, and the 8th Album, River Flow, a block-busting hit album was equally unleashed with songs that will make you jump and shout in high praises and worship to God Almighty.
In 2020, she released her 9th Album titled “Made To Worship” an anointed album of ten tracks, and also collaborated with her church choir, Zion Voices to produce a 10th project titled ZIVLIC (Zion Voices Live in Concert).
In 2022, She released a very modern and refined Album titled “Everyday” with 12 beautiful tracks in it on the occasion of her birthday!
She has written over 114 gospel songs and derives great fulfillment in Worshiping and leading others to Worship God!
She is also a Pastor, Educationist, Author, Teacher, Speaker, Parasitologist, Entrepreneur, Administrator, and life coach. Her utmost desire in life is to leave an indelible mark in the hearts of people and on the sands of time!
She is the only wife to her heartthrob, Bishop Okwudili Eze and they have three amazing Sons, David, Daniel, and Dominion!

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