Sini Dagana – Chioma Ft. De Stanley Brothers

Sini Dagana - Chioma

Sini Dagana – Chioma Ft. De Stanley Brothers

There is a commotion of End Time Soldiers congratulating each other in the Host High, and it is especially pleasing to see Teenagers and Youths share this gaze.

Straight from the mainstays of the Niger Delta’s indigenous area (South South, Nigeria).

A partnership of the season was born from a combination of brothers (De Stanleys) and a household brand (Sini Dagana).

Chioma (Good God) is a Sini Dagana composition featuring the Stanley Brothers.

It’s a gyration praise (Dance Music) showing God’s omnipotence and asserting their faith in God in all things and at all times. This song collaboration is a paradigm changer for the Duo, and the aftereffects are a testament that continues to abound, a song for everyone.






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