Tessy Peter Paul – Ema seun mi

Tessy Peter Paul - Ema seun mi
Tessy Peter Paul – Ema seun mi

Are you a fan of soul-stirring gospel music that uplifts your spirit and fills you with gratitude? Look no further than Tessy Peter Paul, a fast-rising Nigerian singer, songwriter, and worshiper based in Abuja. With her powerful vocals and heartfelt lyrics, Tessy is a true force to be reckoned with in the gospel music scene.

And now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for Tessy’s highly anticipated single, “Ema Seun Mi.” The title is derived from the Nigeria Yoruba language and translates to “Thank You” in English. This new release is a beautiful expression of gratitude to God for all His blessings and is sure to leave you feeling inspired and uplifted.

As you listen to “Ema Seun Mi,” you’ll be struck by Tessy’s incredible talent and her unwavering faith. Her music is a testament to the power of worship and the importance of gratitude in our daily lives. So why not listen and experience the joy and inspiration for yourself?

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Lord, I am so grateful am here to sing your praise, thank you the things that you do, that my money can’t not buy,
In worship in praise.

Ema seun mi
Ema seun mi
Ema seun mi oh,

Ema seun mi
Ema seun oh
Ema seun mi oh! Oooo,

Ema seun mi
Ema seun mi oh!
Ore ano oh oh,

Ema seun mi
Modupe oh!
Ema seun mi oh!

You been good to me I call you, my father my father,

You been good to me I call you, my healer my healer,
You been gracious I call you, my sustainer my sustainer.
Kabiyo osi O O O O O
Olade Wura Ade Wura

Ema seun mi
Ema seun mi
Modupe oh!
Ema seun mi oh!

Jesus, I’m so grateful for things that you do for me, that money can’t not buy
Jesus I am so grateful, you took me from marry clay of life, you brought me to the mountain top you made my feet like a hind’s feet
gbo gbo Owun
Tese fun mi
Ojo mi lo ju
Mo se iba fun O
Kabi yo osi o
Ala gbada ino
Mo no mo no

Tise oju orun fere
Kabiyo osi
Mo beri fun O
Eledu ma re, Oga Ogo.
Alagbada Ino
Eledu mare
Oga ogo
Oba mi
Olowo gbo gboro
Oko Osho
A wi ma ye uwun
Alagbada inoo
Alagbara nla
Baba mi
Oni bata ko ko ka
Ada gba ma poaro oye
Ari ja ma sa
Ari Ja Ma ti di
Oba ola
Oba lo ni

Oba lo la
Oba ano
Oba to filipa agbara re
Wo ogiri Jerico
Ofun fu ne ne
To, fi imo le
Si so igbora

Ari ja ma ti di
Ari ja ma sa re ki ri
Ogbi gba ti gba
Ola yi, la ra
Kabiyo osi O


Mowa dupe fun ore oni
Ore anab

E seun
Ore odun mo dun
Ore ojo mo jo
Kabiyo Osi
Ele du wa
Ele du mare

Meshach Israel
Mighty breasted one
Jehovah ro fi cah
Ever present help in times of need
Awesome ruler mighty king
Jehovah saborth

Thank you
Thank you.







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