William McDowell – I Don’t Wanna Leave

William McDowell – I Don’t Wanna Leave
DOWNLOAD SONG: William McDowell – I Don’t Wanna Leave

GRAMMY-nominated and Dove Award-winning worship leader, pastor, and author William McDowell has released a new song, “I Don’t Wanna Leave,” available everywhere. The song was recorded at Redemption to the Nations Church in Chattanooga, TN as part of his upcoming new live album, The Cry.

The song features GRAMMY-award-winning songwriter and producer Aaron Lindsey. As the last song of the recording, no one wanted to leave the church that night in Chattanooga, McDowell recalls, so it was appropriate that we ended with “I Don’t Wanna Leave.”

McDowell led the crowd in a chorus that echoes over and over: Found a place of peace / Found a place of grace / Wrapped in your embrace / And I don’t wanna leave. The simple song turned into an intense 25 minutes of worship that was unforgettable.

This is the first collaboration with Integrity Music, which McDowell says has been a natural fit for a label partnership.

“Integrity, for years, has had its roots in resourcing the church with the language of revival and worship,” he says. “We wanted to partner with them to continue to resource the church with songs and declarations that can bring the church into the kind of experiences we’ve been having.”

More information about the upcoming album and inspiration will be coming soon. For more information, visit WilliamMcDowellMusic. Buy the song now! Press download below to get it.


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