Download music: G.I.T – NEW YEAR RESOLUTION

Fast rising Nigerian based rapper G.I.T is out with a new single “NEW YEAR RESOLUTION” is worth playing on repeat mode until every message contained in the song sinks deep into the mind and is digested by the soul. This is not just music with RYHMES & MELODIES but music with a MESSAGE.



G.I.T hahaha
You know how e dey be nau
I just wan communicate sense for this song
If you fit follow my flow you go get one or two things to learn

[Verse one]
If failure slap you for face, nack am back with success
One life to live, if you think am well you go vex
Put efforts for life make poverty become your ex
Make up your mind say you no go settle for less
Like play like play last year don end
Bros make you reason am nau, abi you no send?
Remember the visions wey you dey share with your friend
When the year just start you talk say you go change
How far Bros wetin dey sup for your side?
You dey make progress abi you don dey backslide?
I want make you get the message as you dey feel my vibe
I no dey entertain you I wan drive some sense inside
We no fit run this year as we take run last year
Or else we go use poverty tie wrapper for chest
Enough of plenty talk we need to out in our best
My resolution na to pursue life with all zest
The new year go work oh e no get as e be
I go spend my energy take dey work on my dream
No time to focus on wetin no concern me
Bad friends and gossipers abeg please avoid me

Laziness; God forbid no be this year
Time wastage; God forbid no be this year
Bad friends; God forbid no be this year
Na my resolution be this, na you I dey tell

Lukewarmness; God forbid no be this year
Iniquity; God forbid no be this year
Visionlesness; God forbid no be this year
Na my resolution be this, na you I dey tell

[Verse two]
I go serve God this year so tey e go pain devil
Spiritually, Bros, I wan enter new level
I go press hard for prayers, blaze like an inferno
Eat the word of God pass draw soup and semo
Invest in myself as if tomorrow no dey
Carry out research on my line of purpose everyday
I no go ever give my time to wetin no go pay
I go put force for life no matter what it takes
One life to live oh no dulling at all
I no go loose guard myself make I no go fall
Plenty people dey look up to me I gat stand tall
I no wan disappoint my generation at all
Read books, learn skill, I go dey productive
Work hard even when e no dey conducive
Pay my bills bro, no time to impress
Every talent inside me, I vow to express


Hahaha… This is to motivate you bro
Motivate yourself
This year must work

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