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Gospel worship Leader and songwriter , Tomide releases another great song titled “The Life You Gave“.

Speaking About the song, he said:

“The Life you gave” is a song inspired of the holy spirit. It echoes the gratefulness of the saved man.  it brings to fore front the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ for humanity and acknowledges the blessings attached to this great gift. The sacrifice which was born out of his pure love for man despite his sinful nature has been the only saving grace which we all still enjoy.

Hence, the joy, willingness and desire to continue to worship and bless the Savior. It is a Song that Edifies the Soul of its Listeners in worship!

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About Artist :

TOMIDE is a believer, worship leader, song writer and a lover of God.  He spreads the knowledge of God’s word  via words and music with fine indigenous and contemporary tunes that will be pleasing to every listener and turns their heart to God in reverence . He released is debut Single in 2018 titled Jesudara which upon release went viral and has been blessing lives.  He is set to release another great and mind blowing melody which will leave all its listeners in Awe of the blessedness of God!


Interlude – Background Music Interlude from the beginning

LEAD (talk) –   Lord we give you glory

                         The Maker of Heaven and Earth

                         We thank you for your sacrifice upon humanity


ALL –                        I just wanna bless

LEAD CALL –           THE NAME

ALL-                        The Name

LEAD CALL –           OF THE LORD…

ALL-                        Of the Lord…


ALL –                      I just wanna worship


ALL –                      You Lord


ALL –                     For the Life…


ALL –                     You gave


ALL –                    I just wanna bless

 LEAD AGLIPSE – Just wanna bless

ALL –      Your Name…. For-ever- more…

LEAD AGLIPSE – You are my God…

ALL –                     You are my God

LEAD AGLIPSE – Yes you are

ALL –              oh oh ooh…. Yes you are God.

LEAD AGLIPSE –  I just wanna bless…

ALL –                     I just wanna bless

AGLIPSE –            Your name…

ALL –                    The name of the Lord

AGLIPSE –          And Iii….. Just wanna wor…..shiii…p

ALL –                   I just wanna worship


ALL –                  You Lo..rd…. For the Life…

AGLIPSE-           You gave your all for me ohhh……oh

ALL –                   You gave

ALL –                   I just wanna bless

LEAD AGLIPSE  ( I just wanna bless)

ALL –                  Your name ….. For…ever…more

AGLIPSE  –         ( You are my God)

ALL –               You are my God


ALL –                 ( ohh…ooh)

 AGLIPSE –       Yes you are….

ALL –               Yes you are God

LEAD WORD –              You See…

                                        When we speak about the praises of our God ( Ohhh …. You are my God)

                                        He’s worthy of every praise we give

                                        What more can we say…

                                        In that he gave us a new birth in a living hope through the resurrection of our lord Jesus Christ from the dead

                                        That is why for everyman born of God, Overcomes the word (Yes!!!)

                                        This is the victory that we have as overcomers

                                        Yeaaah ….

                                        Why not join us right now, as we lift (ooh oohh) up our hands and worship Jesus…


ALL –                              I just wanna bless

AGLIPSE –                     I Just wanna bless…

ALL –                             The Name

AGLIPSE –                     The Name of the Lord

ALL –                             Of the Lord

AGLIPSE-                     And Iiii…. Just wanna wor …..ship

ALL                               I just wanna Worship

AGLIPSE –                    You…. Lord

ALL –                             You Lord……. for the Life…

AGLIPSE–                      For the Life You gaa…vee..  oh oh ohhh…

ALL –                             (You Gave)

ALL –                              I just wanna bless…

AGLIPSE –                     I just wanna bless the name

ALL –                             Your Name

LEAD –                          (TALKED IN TONGUES…)

ALL –                              For..ever..more

AGLIPSE –                     ( Yoouuuuh.. arreee..)

ALL –                             You are my God…

AGLIPSE –                     (You are my, You are my…)

ALL                              Oh Oh Oohhh… Yes you are God…

AGLIPSE –                    ( You areee…)


LEAD :   Blessed be your name……. ohh ohh Lord..

               For your Greeaa…tnesssss

               You chose to save man inspite of him

               ( And his weakness)

ALL –       And his weakness

LEAD – You chose to bless him

ALL – Save him

LEAD – Joint heirs with you uuuu eehh ehhheyy…

AGLIPSE –  I just wanna blee…sss

ALL –          I just wanna bless

LEAD –       Your Name

ALL –          The name of the Lord

AGLIPSE –  Ohhuuhhh … I just wanna wor…ship

ALL –           I just wanna worship , AGLIPSE ( Ehhehh)  You Lord…

LEAD –       You Lord

ALL –          For the Life …

AGLIPSE – For…. The life you gave  (ALL- You gave )  oohh…..

ALL –         I just wanna bless

LEAD –      I just wanna bless the name

ALL –         Your name

LEAD –      The Name of the Lord

ALL – For…ever..more


ALL – You are my Go..dd

 AGLIPSE –( ohhh)

ALL – Oh Oh ohhh … Yes you are God…

LEAD – And I just wanna bless eeehnm

ALL – I just wanna (AGLIPSE – the na…me) bless

LEAD – I just wanna bless him…

ALL – The Name

LEAD – Bless his name forever

ALL –    Of the Lord

LEAD – The Name of the Lord is a mighty strong tower

ALL – I just wanna worship ( LEAD – The righteous man in it, and they’re safe forever)

ALL – You Lord, For the life…

AGLIPSE – Forever we give you prai…ise   (ALL – You gave)

ALL – I just wanna bless… ( LEAD AGLIPSE –  your name

ALL – Fore –ve—more

AGLIPSE – You are ….

ALL – You are my God

AGLIPSE – ooohhooo

ALL – ooh oh ohh (LEAD – Thank you Jesus)

           Yes you are God…

LEAD – Thank you Jesus


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