Download music: Mary Sanusi – GOOD FIGHT OF FAITH

Mary Sanusi finally drops her latest single titled GOOD FIGHT OF FAITH off her latest album titled Eso Aidibaje “Incorruptible fruits”.

“This is also a prayer-filled song to fight the good fight of faith and attain the goal of gaining more to the kingdom of God. Asking for grace to finish strong in the race of life.”



Lead: Give me the pow’r to fight good friend fight of faith
Give me the strength to finish strong,
Je nle jere repete lopin rin ajo, fore-ofe funmi,
He nle jere repete lopin rin ajo fore-ofe funmi.

I need your power to fight and win
I need your grace to overcome
I need your power to hold me strong
Oh Lord I pray make me strong/2ce.

I need your grace sufficient grace
More of your words to run the race
Anointing to bind and loose
More of your grace to win the crown/2ce.

Lead/ resp: Ore-ofe, ore-ofe, ore-ofe fi funmi, ninu irin ajo aye mi, fore-ofe funmi.
Ore ofe am nothing without you lord, ore ofe fi funmi, ninu irin ajo aye mi fore-ofe funmi.
Ore ofe ni mo mbebe fun latorun wa fi funmi, laisi re kini mo le da se nipa ore ofe re baba o fi funmi.


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