Lecrae Admits He Was Once Atheist

Lecrae admits he was once an Atheist, an Agnostic who tells people God won’t give up on them

Rapper Lecrae, who is known for making music about being unashamed of his relationship with Jesus Christ took to social media over the weekend to lift up his fans who feel discouraged and are falling away from their faith.

The Reach Records founder posted of photo of himself and mainstream artist, Chance the Rapper on Saturday to grab people’s attention.

“I’ve have [sic] a lot of folks who rock with me. Some are Christians, some are not. Some are on a faith journey, some feel strongly about faith not being legitimate,” the Texas native wrote on Instagram. “I just want you to know I love you all. I’m glad you’re here. I have ZERO desire to condemn and 100% desire to show you love.”

In times past, Lecrae has been criticized by some in the faith community for mingling with secular rappers but his new post went on to explain why he does it.

“I didn’t grow up in church, I don’t know all the cultural rules and norms. I’m a lil unorthodox, I don’t call myself religious. Religion to me is following rules hoping to be right with God,” he said.

“I feel like I’ve been MADE right with God thru the sacrifice of Yeshua (Jesus), who lived the perfect life I could not and died the death I deserved. I also believe He supernaturally resurrected and lives outside of time and space, yet is present with me always,” Lecrae preached.

The recording artist says because of this knowledge of Jesus he has a “RELATIONSHIP with God” and rejects religion.

“I’ve been atheist, agnostic, seen the institutionalization of Christianity and wanted to throw it all away. I’ve felt the hatred of people who claim to love God and it discouraged me. I’ve tried to walk away but grace kept me,” Lecrae admitted.

The influential rapper then encouraged anyone wrestling with their belief in God. Lecrae’s final message was that everyone know it’s all “a worthwhile journey.”

“God knows your situation, He knows your pain, and that your life isn’t perfect but He hasn’t given up on you. It’s all apart [sic] of a greater story. We get so focused on our performance but God wants us to remember our position. He will lead … but we have to put forth the effort to follow,” he concluded.

Lecrae is a trailblazer in Christian hip-hop and paved a path for himself into the mainstream market. In 2014, the two-time Grammy Award-winning album Anomaly, debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Top 200 Albums Charts, making him a known name in the secular hip-hop community.

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