Live song performance by Sensational Bamidele

Live song performance by Sensational Bamidele

Sensational Bamidele Full Live performance @Burna Boy’s Home Coming.

Burna Boy‘s Homecoming Concert in Port Harcourt: A Celebration of Musical Excellence

Burna Boy, the Grammy Award-winning musician and global music sensation, is about to make a triumphant homecoming to his hometown of Port Harcourt, Rivers State. The highly anticipated homecoming event, which is set for March 27th, has aroused tremendous enthusiasm among fans and the music community alike.

Burna Boy was seen boarding a private plane with the zeal of a conquering hero in a video clip uploaded on his fan account (@burnaboyworld) on Instagram. This plane will carry him to Port Harcourt, where a spectacular celebration of his musical journey is planned. This extraordinary event will take place at the EUI Event Centre on Sani Abacha Road in GRA, Port Harcourt.

A Tribute to Global Musical Achievements

The Port Harcourt homecoming concert is a tribute staged by the Rivers State Government to recognize Burna Boy’s great achievements on the international scene. Recognizing the global resonance of Burna Boy’s songs and the pride he has brought to the Nigerian music industry, the Rivers State Government is resolved to honor his achievements with a homecoming fit for a king.

Burna Boy’s rise to global fame has been nothing short of extraordinary. His distinct blend of Afrobeat, dancehall, and reggae has caused waves far beyond Nigeria’s borders. His captivating stage presence and passionate songs have garnered his fans from Lagos to Los Angeles, Lagos to London, and Lagos to Port Harcourt. Burna Boy’s Grammy nomination for Best Global Music Album attests to his enormous talent and the global effect of his music.

Star-Studded Lineup: A Night to Remember

The homecoming event promises to be a memorable night, with a star-studded roster that will definitely heighten the excitement and enthusiasm. Along with Burna Boy, numerous renowned musicians will grace the stage, bringing their own distinct flavors to the musical celebration. Among them are the following:

  1. Duncan Mighty: Duncan Mighty is a Nigerian music legend recognized for his soulful vocals and contributions to the Port Harcourt music scene. His partnership with Burna Boy will undoubtedly be the evening’s highlight.
  2. Timaya: Timaya, another prominent personality in Nigerian music, takes the stage with his energetic Afro-dancehall vibes. His successful songs have made him a household name and a national beloved.
  3. Omah Lay: Omah Lay, the breakthrough star of Afro-fusion, has won the hearts of music fans all around the world with his unique and captivating style. His on-stage collaboration with Burna Boy will certainly be a memorable experience.
  4. Nissi: Nissi, a rising musician with a distinct voice, is poised to make her mark at the homecoming performance. Her participation offers a sense of diversity and highlights the ever-changing nature of Nigerian music.
  5. Sensational Bamidele Full Live performance @Burna Boy’s Home Coming.


A Celebration of Port Harcourt’s Music Heritage

Port Harcourt, often known as the Garden City, has a distinct position in Nigeria’s musical tradition. It has been a breeding ground for musical talent, producing some of the country’s most well-known artists. Burna Boy’s homecoming is a celebration of his accomplishment as well as a recognition of Port Harcourt’s rich musical tradition.

This musical spectacle will take place at the EUI Event Centre, a major venue in Port Harcourt. The GRA Center is well-known for presenting high-quality events and providing a magnificent venue for musicians to engage with their audience.

The performance is about the fans who have backed Burna Boy on his journey, not just the artists on stage. It’s an opportunity for them to gather, sing along to their favorite songs, and commemorate the impact of Burna Boy’s music on their life.

The Power of Music

Music has the unique capacity to cross barriers, elicit emotions, and forge connections. Burna Boy’s music has done precisely that, with its socially minded lyrics and addictive beats. It has brought people from many origins and cultures together under the banner of unity and love.

Burna Boy comes to Port Harcourt carrying not just his Grammy prize, but also the hopes and goals of budding artists in Nigeria and around the world. He is a tribute to the power of skill, determination, and the ability to create a global effect.


The Burna Boy homecoming performance in Port Harcourt is more than simply a musical event; it’s a celebration of a remarkable journey, a tribute to musical brilliance, and a testament to music’s ability to bring people together. The star-studded lineup, the energetic spectators, and the stunning setting of Port Harcourt make it an event to remember.

This event serves as a reminder that music is a universal language capable of bridging divides and bringing people together. Burna Boy’s success reflects not only his own talent and enthusiasm but also the collective talent and passion that exists in Nigeria’s music industry.

As the Grammy Award-winning performer takes the stage at the EUI Event Centre, he knows that he has not only achieved great success, but has also encouraged a new generation of artists to dream big and shoot for the stars.

The homecoming performance for Burna Boy is a celebration of music, culture, and the power of dreams. It promises to be a spectacular night packed with unforgettable performances, incredible energy, and an overwhelming sense of pride for Port Harcourt, Rivers State, and Nigeria as a whole. It’s a night where the music will reverberate in everyone’s hearts, reminding us all of the enormous potential that exists in the world of music.

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